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Cabins at Cultus Lake, B.C., Canada

Hiking Adventures

International Ridge (Mt. Amadis)

 Mt. Amadis trail head is located just a 5 minute walk away from the Forest Echoes Cabins at Cultus Lake and offers some extremely unique terrain and views. This 8 hour grind consists of mellow switchbacks and a grueling ridge ascent, but the rewards more than pay off.  A beautiful forest path leads you up a conical ridge to some magnificent view points overlooking Cultus Lake and Vedder Mountain.  Then a short section of scrambling and you have reached the peak.  Unique plant and tree species such as the yellow cedar tree grow on the mountain and there are some beautiful alpine meadows on the back side of the ridge.  The wild and untouched feeling of the summit will take your breath away.


North Nesakwatch Spire

 Forty kilometers east of Cultus Lake lies the little known North Nesakwatch Spire, a prominent horn of granite protruding from the hillside opposite Slesse Mountain.  This difficult 8 hour hike consists of a challenging ascent, bouldering, and finally a difficult rock scramble to reach the summit.  Although there are many challenges, the rewards are worth the effort.  Beautiful mountain terrain and stunning views of the surrounding peaks make this climb a must for any hiking enthusiast.



William's Ridge


 William's Ridge trail begins off the side of Chilliwack Lake Road, 40 km east of Cultus Lake.  Rising steeply from the valley floor the trail reaches the ridge and continues through beautiful forest and breathtaking alpine to the base of William's Peak.  From there manmade rock towers and flagging guide you up the impressive rock cone.  Although a lengthy hike (8 hours) and a challenging ascent, it is well worth it.  William's Ridge offers beautiful mountain terrain boasting alpine flowers and wild berries, as well as some of the best views in all of the Fraser Valley.